New Computer, New Post

I was forced to buy a new computer when my 12 year old laptop with XP expired. At last I have a slightly less uneasy relationship with the new hp and windows 8 (I am informed that following so many dissatisfied users, the flashy sharp-as-a-pin w8 may be updated to w10 for free, this autumn). So . . . my first post in ages.

Work Ethic Art It’s an emotional impossibility for me to do a job I don’t like, as in ‘job for money’. The cake factory for example, I ended up throwing slabs of walnut cake onto the conveyor belt knowing they would end up on the floor because the factory worker further down the production line and in charge of the go/stop switch was incapable of understanding what she was doing. She was switched on ‘full’ all the time. Then postal delivery; small, overburdened and blistered from here to there, I didn’t like the man who shouted at me for being late or the snappy dog who wouldn’t let me in the gate. I lasted 3 days. And the department store between school and college, I survived 4 weeks, time enough to pay for my keep and buy an acoustic guitar with the rest. I couldn’t keep up with the family ‘work ethic’, I had proper work to do in preparation for my first year at art school . . . drawing. Brush and sepia ink, Had a prize for it too; ‘Cart in a Barn’.

My soul on demand . . . can’t do it.

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