Greece was a perfectly happy country before entering the EU. It’s not now. What is so bad with Greece being HAPPY with itself?

Education: WHY push creative development of a still-forming young human being to the back? Personal development comes FIRST. Choosing a position in the community will follow. Why put the cart before the horse?  It astounds me that consecutive Education ministers are IGNORANT of this. Children are NOT job-fodder. And, in any case – Is it working?

Why NOT a left-wing Labour leader? A straight forward man who speaks his truth. Is that such a terrible thing? A man who doesn’t flow with a wind knowing not which way it dithers. Or a woman who has gone awol of honest principles.

Beware of verbal manipulation aimed at disrupting the making-up-of-our-own-minds.

And why (slightly off politics to a cultural matter) has the Microsoft dictator been allowed to slither in as a dictator? PLEASE lets have a RIVAL or two? Especially after the mishmash and disruption of W10. They are obviously Ve Ry BaD at their job, (proved with all the complaints about W8 . . . oh deary me)


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