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Obsessed with Pipework: No. 31

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a pictorial poem, each piece evolves from the preceeding one, without which it would not exist. Here the poem stands as a perfect whole.

metamor 2


A dazzling spike of diamond shot
straight into the red rubber ball of my heart.
Vivaldi’s trumpets blew everything away,
except you.

Come with me.
I’ll cook strawberries for you
with hot brandy and cream,
and lean against your knee

in my soft-as-dustard cushions.
I shall light sinnerman candles for you
and bathe your feet in warm butter
laced with garlic.

Close your eyes
before I stop breathing.
When you smell burning
let them stay closed.

Published: orbis; Quarterley International Literary Journal: Cover design – ‘Plums’, oil paintingplums


I slit the throat of the

Fair Trade banana

peel its skin

strip the shriver my tongue veins

slice it up all over my porridge

drown it in milk

and think of you.

Published; Obsessed With Pipework; poetry with stangeness & charm.


cHECK oUT:   www.silverfingerpress.wordpress.com


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