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Patricia Morgan A.T.D. B.A. N.D.D. M.B.S.R.


Winchester School of Art, when it practised skills other than the conceptual and deadly boring video. I used, litho, aquatint, wood engraving and lino print, sculpture, I enjoyed life drawing, painting and drawing, illustration and typography, Illuminated calligraphy, book-making, fabric design and print, it was an enriching curriculum.
I was editor of The Wall, Winchester’s monthly newspaper.

imageI have exhibited in Southampton City Art Gallery, from Newcastle to Plymouth, Winchester, Bristol and many in between.



My work is in Devon County Permanent Collection, John Arlott print collection and many private collections. pics 008

I have illustrated for Child Poverty Action Group, CND, and Poetry magazines. I have completed commissioned works as varied as, the side of lorries, pub signs, personal doppelgangers, family pets, houses, gardens, portraits and prize chrysanthemums.

I have tutored adults in painting, drawing, illuminated calligraphy, dressmaking and guitar. Taught children and adults who were disabled mentally and physically, boys in Borstal and teenage girls,   and playgroup toddlers.

I don’t swim or climb mountains, I occasionally sing and dance when alone.

Other proper jobs – Curator of a market town museum and later, a Roman Bath House, it wasn’t haunted and I was mostly alone on the top of a hill.

smallI have lived in two haunted houses, one, an Elizabethan Hall, had many ghosts, visible, invisible, silent and speaking, frightening and not, day and night.
The other, a farmhouse, had one, who repeatedly climbed in the back bedroom window at night and walked downstairs. He cast a shadow.


DOWCoverMy first book of poems was published by Flarestack in 2007. My editor, Charles Johnson, poet, recommended it for the Forward Prize. It didn’t win but was pleased he thought my work worth it. The poems are simple, straight forward and illustrated. ‘A Diet of Worms and Blackberries’ received good reviews in Sphinx, and was Chapbook Choice in ‘Writers Forum .’

I achieved my aim of being published with the Poetry Society in 2009. They chose a poem which presented itself on the page from an idea which unrolled perfectly and simply first time round from beginning to end. It’s called ‘Woman in a Photo’. It also won a Poetry Society prize.

My first novel, Fallen, is a psychological drama. Influenced by a character in the story I became interested in the Tarot which creates stories from a rich variety of images. Another research bonus, I have a good working knowledge of puppetry, my summer house promises to make an excellent mini theatre.cover 6

My second novel is called Pandora’s Detective Agency. The name speaks for itself. It was great fun to write and I am writing the second Pandora novel.

bloodMurder in Mind, ‘Best of Three’ won First Prize at the 2013 Winchester Writers’ Conference, Hampshire Chronicle Short Story Competition. ‘Razor-sharp, outstanding.’

My recorded short stories were broadcast on Southern Echo’s ‘Listening News’ for the blind.


I gained ‘distinction’, BA Hons and am a professional Reflexologist and practised for many years. I trained, with the British School of Reflexology and gained ‘distinction’.

In 2013 I created the Silverfinger Press. There are six publications, fully illustrated, two books of poetry and four small books for small children. Silverfinger haso publishes greeting cards and welcomes enquiries from creative writers and artists who need a limited edition of their work.blog8




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