The final week introduced CGI, digital animation with the task of downloading free 3D software to create a room which told the viewer about the occupant, to move around the room and use ‘3D assets’ (ready digitised objects) . . . this didn’t interest me.overlap actionI chose instead to use my own desktop, across the front of which I moved my camera. With an artists’ wooden model, desk lamp and sheaf of stick figure drawings, I created a narrative. I used ‘locked frame’ digital camera progressing to stop-go movement of the 3 chosen objects. blog


The timing could be better.


The course is now over. I have been happy to use this 4 week Prospectus for the NFTS where I was introduced to Movie Maker, Vimeo, and other animators. I shall enjoy improving and using my new-found animation skills.


Enjoy my little animation . . .



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