Introduction to ANIMATION

At the end of the first week of the Future Learn, 4 week course I learned how to stop-go animate.

Equipment: digital camera, cardboard box as ‘film-set’ on top of plan chest, two little wooden dolls, Cruden’s ‘Concordence’ (under camera).

Lots of advice on how to make a Morph. I chose wooden dolls not having any plasticine. Lots of advice on animation software, I chose VIMEO for my laptop. Thrilled when it ‘worked’, thrilled when I discovered ‘edit’, ‘add music’; Bob Dylan first before I realised ‘copyright’, (I had had to burn a self-publisher for knowingly and illegally using my artwork for the cover of her book) so changed from Dylan to my own ‘Chopsticks’.

Here is the link: https: I managed to inadvertently find the ‘speed’ command but it has since eluded me!

The little animation is very brief . . . Enjoy!



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