Cel animation was introduced, ie, background, foreground/s painted on acetate through which the animated characters move.

Task 2: Two stick figures walk towards each other and pass. This was VERY time consuming and I used more than the Future Learn proposed ‘3hrs. week’. My Digi/animation equipment is limited from choice. The course also caters for this. Good!

I first drew 20 frames on A6 paper with a graphite pencil, scanned, opened in Photoshop, edited and opened Vimeo just to see what it looked like. blog

Then drew using digi-pad in Photoshop. Preferred the tension of pencil on paper than plastic pen on plastic.Untitled-1.jpg

Cut LOTS of A6 sheets, made light box with sheet of Perspex propped on books and long-necked desk lamp to improvise a light-box. And drew . . . 42 frames. An internal dialogue and characterisation occurred as I drew. I considered how the shoulders moved, hips, knees. The best way of moving the stick figures was to move the thigh first.light boxI scanned to the laptop, edited in Photoshop and copied into Vimeo. Not happy, I changed the tile and credits. The middle of the animation was awkward and I discovered an odd frame which I removed . . . https://vimeo.com/151897382









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