Dahn the Plug’ole


A muvver was barfin’ ‘er biby one night,

The youngest of ten and a poorly young mite,

The muvver was poor and the biby was thin,

Only a skelington covered his skin;

The muvver turned rahnd for the soap orf the rack,

She was but a moment, but when she turned back,

The biby was gorn; and in anguish she cried,

‘Oh, where is my biby?’ – the Angels replied;

‘Your biby ‘as fell dahn the plug’ole,

Your biby ‘as gorn dahn the plug;

The poor little thing was so skinny and thin

‘E oughter been barfed in a jug;

Your biby is perfectly ‘appy,

‘E won’t need a barf any more,

Your biby ‘as fell dahn the plug’ole,

Not lorst, but gorn before!’


A poem read to my children and now my grandchildren. This wonderful book of poems is still in print.

‘The Rattle Bag’: edited by Seamus Heaney & Ted Hughes; ff; 1982

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2 thoughts on “Dahn the Plug’ole

  1. Ha ha, I love this poem. Not thought of reading it to little ones, though. Still, they seem to love massive disasters described with humour!

  2. Wonderful poem, it was brought to mind when my granddaughter, 3 3/4 in the bath, said she would ‘go down the plug hole . . . no.’ She is very intrigued by the poem.

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