Before beginning infant school, my little grand daughter must take kung fu lessons.


November ‘Market’ at an infant school, 3 – 5pm. Two writer-marketeers led to annex, two school tables set out as a dog-leg. Rear dog-leg soon judged to be defunct. Five other vendors at tables set around room.

 Good displays from fellow-writer and me. BUT the late afternoon ‘market’ was aimed at infants. A market earlier in the month had been aimed at parents, much more suitable for selling books, and Christmas cards.

 TIP: ask about punters’ age beforehand. What may seem suitable, in fact, isn’t.


 Most successful tables in the annex – pink bits and pieces, pink and blue lucky dips, table which drew queues – ‘tattoos – 30p’ otherwise known as ‘stickers’.

 Biggest failures – cellophane-wrapped fake flowers, cheap jewellery, plastic-coated ‘homilies’, whose vendor managed to keep cheerful all the time which was more than could be read from the fake flowers and jewellery.

 We sold three items, a miracle given the ambience.

 Some little children are violent, some steal, some manipulate, the future paraded before our table. Some are sweet and sticky-fingered, few read by choice. Encouraged by his mother, I sold ‘Didi’s Adventures’ to a little boy called Isaac. He liked the one with the pink cover. I signed it, my very first signing – for Isaac, love Poppy. Poppy is my other name.

 Not yet ‘market-wise’ I fear.

 Total Markets Expenditure £128.21

Income £18

Assets £204


Reminders of Summer


Blagrove: N. Devon, cob farmhouse; Imperial size cartridge paper – surface leaves visible watercolour brushstrokes.


The Old Hall Orchard: half imperial watercolour on Fabriano Hot Pressed handmade paper; rainspots visible.


Weymouth: coloured pencil on A3 cartridge paper.

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Silverfinger Pubications ready for Market

Silverfinger has now published six books:

silverfinger children logo

‘A Diet of Worms & Blackberries’ – Illustrated poems

‘Poems for a State of Grace’, written after the death of a loved one

Three ‘Didi’ children’s books: ‘My Friend Didi’, ‘Didi’s Adventures’, and ‘Didi’s Christmas’.       And: ‘Nursery Rhymes’


AND:Card display

Marketeering from the singularly monitory point of view of a writer/illustrator creator of ‘little works of art’.

Marketeering from the monitory point of view.


Initial outlay

120gm paper,            £7.50,
100gm paper,            £6.50,
two A3 posters,         £3.06,
plastic clips,               £2.80,
printing inks,               £55,
TOTAL                       £75.96

subsequent outlay

cellophane bags £17.03
card                    £5.00                                                                                              Env                     £3.98
Col. card             £2.99
Total                     £29_.00

TOTAL £104.96

MBlog 2

Market Fees

Winch X 2 £20
Netley £7.50
School £5.00
Marlands £8.75
Total £23.25

Grand Total £128.21 not including petrol! Or Time

Income £12

However, not finished yet, three markets to go before Christmas and three new SilverfingerPress books: ‘Didi’s Adventure’, ‘Didi’s Christmas’; and ‘Nursery Rhymes’ illustrated with watercolour

There are also more Silverfinger Christmas card designs.

Assetts –

100 Christmas cards in packs of 4 @ £3.00 each, 14 poetry books @ £3.00, 21 ‘Didi’ books @ £3.00 each, 10 Nursery Rhymes books @ £3.00 each:

Total (with endless potential) £210

Marketeering – A friend gained, a friend lost.
Gained – fun, lots of life-blood creation and the birth of  small title

And – three to go before I take stock of what’s happened since my first market in September

silverfinger children logo.