Winchester Washout

Marketeering again . . .

Market Oct (7)
rain rain rain and supplied with leaking/sinking/moving gazebo. Consternation over wet books and cards while torn/leaking ‘roof’ was changed – for one without the bolts to keep it together. Hasty repair with plastic ties. Later, weights were attached to stop the whole thing moving . . . which almost worked.

I sold one set of four Christmas cards . . . £3 (excellent value and unique) 


published by Silverfinger PRESS. The four cards is all that sold . . . amongst four talented and intrepid writers. I spent £10, (my share of a £40 ‘stall’ in a bad place on a bad day with a bad gazebo). And bought the newly launched book, ‘Bottles & Pots’, by fellow marketeer, Jacqueline Pye at its baptism of rain.

I launched Silverfinger Children, silverfinger children logowith a small book for 

little hands –


                                      Called – ‘My Friend Didi’ ,

He waved, unnoticed while people ran past in the rain.

Market Oct (9)

No one can help the weather , so inclement that few people glanced our way, but I am not of a mind to give a day to Winchester market in the future, however much I may ‘laugh about it afterwards.’

Indoors for me.