The Marketeer calls ‘BOOKS for SALE!

Sunday, 15th September, Winchester Market.

A first. Selling books at a market. There were no marketeer yodels. It may have helped.
Market 007My publisher was unable to do a print run for me so I decided to do my own. I had already hoarded a lovely word – Silverfinger .

small title

A digital PRESS for limited edition print-runs was born. I chose as the logo – ‘a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars’.

Have a look . . . where you will see the results of my first print-runs and contact details: should you need your own, ‘LITTLE WORK OF ART’.


On the stall I hung an A3 poster trumpeting Silverfinger PRESS and another, dripping with blood, which boasted my first prize win at the Winchester Writers’ Conference. Tied to the stall’s frame above the display table, the posters twisted in the wind, escaped their plastic grip and eventually had to be taken down.

Market 005

BM1I made book marks, freebees, from coloured manilla advertising my books and my prize-winning story twhich will be published this autumn. 

I published two ‘little works of art’, especially for the launch of the Silverfinger PRESS – ‘Poems for a State of Grace’, The poems were written in 2002 following the death of my mother. And, ‘A Diet of Worms & Blackberries’, which I illustrated.

  StateofGrace cover 

My two books were displayed on a small table easelDOWCover for people to pick up and riffle through, I kept pristine books to sell out of reach, framed House Blessings and small,colourful prints together with flyers for the PRESS and my books, and free book marks, completed my wares and I laid them on a red-covered table top apprx 4ft x 2.


Initial outlay – 120gm paper, £7.50, 100gm paper, £6.50, two A3 posters, £3.06, plastic clips, £2.80, set of printing inks, £55, quarter stall fee, £10.
Three books sold; YIPEE! total £9. Scarf bought, couldn’t resist – £19.

Will I do it again?. Yes, on 20th October with an additional Silverfinger publication and Christmassy cards.blog8


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