Flopped out with second-stage flu, I put tele on – Technicolor, Cinemascope – the colour is just wonderful. I had forgotten how superior to modern film.

Storm Over the Nile, 1955 by Zoltan Korda. Not a particularly ok film but the red of the soldiers’ jackets is a feast for the eyes. The film’s colour is rich and has depth. Today’s films may be sharp as a tack, and glossy as a cat at night but have lost a significant warmth which, for me is visually pleasing and rewarding.


Black Narcissus: 1947 ; Jack Cardiff, director of photography: Technicolor.

Technicolor was invented in 1916 and was used for decades. When Eastman colour began to replace Technicolor in the early 1950’s, film lost its richness for me.

Glorious Technicolor

Glorious Technicolor

Films like Avatar are visually shallow however technically, digitally, wow-factor polished. I was glad, however when the ‘goodies’ won.


I haven’t attended the cinema for several years – my ears are sensitive to ear-splitting noise. In fact the experience was so strident at my last visit that I had what I can only describe as a mini panic attack. I stuffed my ears with a tissue but then felt dizzy, so left the cinema. The only other film I’ve walked out on was ‘Jules et Jim.’ from boredom, not because it was black and white which can be as rich as colour.


I prefer films which allow their audience to observe, enter the mood. I recently watched, with great enjoyment, ‘Argo’ on DVD. The director allowed his audience to observe and engage with rather than wow constantly in case they fell asleep.


The visual aesthetic of Technicolor continues to be used in Hollywood, usually in films set in the mid-20th century. Parts of The Aviator, 2004, were digitally manipulated to imitate colour processes that were available during the periods each scene takes place.cp


             The Crimson Pirate: 1952 

The Aviator; 2004

All That Heaven Allows;1955, was filmed in both Technicolor and Eastman color. How glorious.

All That Heaven Allows

All That Heaven Allows

And Far from Heaven, 2002:


attributed to ‘color’ but what ‘over-the-top’, aka Technicolor, – those autumn leaves, that green silk dress – stunner!


Red Shoes: 1948; Technicolour; Jack Cardiff


JUNE: Flowers Garden – Wild Flowers, Park

My garden flowers: June 1st.

garden June 1st

Wild Flowers at a Glance’  ; M. C. Carey & D. Fichew; pub. J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd 1954

I find my childhood wild flower book indispensable; it’s neat, precise and fits a pocket.

I have never not found a wild flower described within the pages. It is arranged by flower colour; from white/green/yellow/ blue/mauve/purple/pink/red. 

And such beautiful names, in my next life I shall be called, Leontodon.

 JACK-BY-THE-HEDGEAlliaria petiolata

Plants are often found growing along the margins of hedgerows giving rise to the folk name of Jack-by-the-hedge. Other common names include Garlic Root, Hedge Garlic, Sauce-alone, Jack-in-the-bush, Penny Hedge and Poor Man’s Mustard.

 ROUGH CHERVILChaerophyllum temulumChervil soup is eaten on Holy Thursday as a symbol of resurrection and a new life. Because its scent reminds of the fragrance of myrrh (one of the offerings at the birth of Christ), it is often called myrrhis.beehive


If Goose grass clings to you, you’ll be kissed.


Tradition maintains that English plantain springs up wherever English people set foot, no matter what the climate. The botanical name is derived from the word “planta,” a foot.


The tangy flavour of sorrel makes it an ideal addition to salads, soups or omelettes.

MEADOW CROWFOOTRununculus acer

Ranunculus is one of the oldest known drugs. The ancient physicians employed them to destroy indurations, horny and other excrescences. It has been especially recommended in the place of Cantharides as a means of drawing blisters.

DAISYBellis perennis

Sprang as tears from the eyes of Mary Magdalene, the ‘Day’s Eye’

BLUEBELL, WILD HYACINTHEndymion non-scriptus (Scilla non-scripta)

Folk myth has it that bluebells ring to call fairies to meetings. Bluebell woods were thought to be enchanted: if your walked through one you would be spirited away never to be seen again.

COMMON HAWKBITLeontodon autumnalis                           

Make a wish right before blowing on dandelion, your wish just might come true.


The image of Jesus’ face said in legend to have appeared on the handkerchief used by Veronica to wipe the face of Jesus.

COMMON CUDWEEDFilago germanica

Listed as THREATENED species in the Red Data Book for England due to agricultural practices.

HAWTHORNCrataegus -Thomas the Rhymer, the famous thirteenth century Scottish mystic and poet, once met the Faery Queen by a hawthorn bush from which a cuckoo was calling. She led him into the Faery Underworld for a brief sojourn, but upon re-emerging into the world of mortals he found he had been absent for seven years.silver 049